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As I have mentioned in my “About Me” page, I have created this website for all the photography lovers who wanted to start with photography. We will primarily discuss about Digital Photography topics.

A little bit about navigation on this site or to enhance your photography journey. All my posts will be under the “Blog” page and all the major topics I will be uploading onto the “Topics” tab. You can “Contact” me for any help or need. I will be more than happy to receive your emails. 🙂

Enough of that, Now lets get started with Basic Photography!!

Wait ! Where is your camera? Not bought yet, don’t worry I will be helping you decide the right camera to choose for your need. Visit Camera Types.

Now to start with, first you have to read the ‘manual’ carefully. I know it sound simple and boring so to why I should read the 100 + page of boring manual and can figure it on our own. But trust me, you can save a lot of headache and grief by taking some time to completely go through the manual and know what your camera can do and what are all buttons, dials or menus.

I personally have not read the manual while starting my photography journey, but on and every time a while I have to open my manual to figure out many few stuffs which a manual can tell only. So save yourself the grief and trouble down the road.

If you have just purchased a camera, put the battery on the charge before using it for first time. Spend that time familiarizng yourself with the camera.



Okay, so you have read the manual and ready to run out of your home. But is the battery charged? Is the battery even in the camera? Do you have memory card? Does it have enough space? Is the lens clean?

I always do a check on my camera before I head out to take pictures. I want you to close your eyes and imagine (Hey no!! no !!! Hold on. If you do that you wont be able to read ;), so wait till you finish this section.).

Anyway just imagine, you came across the photo opportunity of lifetime and your camera won’t turn on because it run out of power. May be your memory card is full of pictures you took at Tukuna Dada’s wedding. There goes your shot and it may never present itself again, YOU JUST LOST IT.


One of the other important factor is to have your camera ready with correct settings. I remember once I had kept my ISO at 1600 just because I had took a pic last night and forgot to change its settings and I clicked it on same settings the very morning on a bright day and needless to say – the image was full brighter and hardly I could see anything on my screen. Too much of light will wash away your photo image.

Today in the world of Digital photography, we have that upper edge to click as many we want . But Slow Down and pretend you are using film and you got only 36 shots. This will surely improve your photography skills.

Here are the list of things you can consider while preparing for and outdoor shoot:

      • Camera
      • Camera Bag
      • Batteries Charged
      • Extra battery(s)
      • Memory Card – Depending upon how many images you want to click.
      • Lens for DSLR
      • External Flash
      • Tripod or Monopod – To hold your camera Steady
      • Filters – We will talk about it later

In my upcoming post we will see, what are the different Camera Types and its Basic Controls.

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