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My name is “Soubhagya Sahoo”. I am from Bhubaneswar city – capital of Odisha(India) and I am basically a software engineer with 6+ years of experience in IT industry. Just to summarise, I have done pretty well in my IT career – got promotions, became team lead and went USA for my projects for a year early in my 3 years of career.

But the work was not giving me the motivation or kick. I then realised that I am good in my work but somewhere I was not enjoying the work I was doing. After that I started to invest time on me. Read lot of articles, followed many motivational speakers, went to many seminars, workshops etc. The only thing which changed my approach was the below statement :

Passion – This initially seemed to choose the hardest. I was fantasied that which activity is my passion. I had lots on different hobbies. I was so much confused, but one a given day I luckily discovered that I love my camera the most. I used to click pics a lot n it was fun and most importantly it was giving people happiness. 🙂

This is what I am made for , this is what I loved the most doing !!!!

So, I decided to pursue photography which was deep down my core passion which I used to follow during my school and college days, but somewhere I left it in the pace of life. While doing so, I am now happily a entrepreneur with photography as my core passion.


Why I Built This Website ?

There are lot of interested people out there who wanted to learn the art of photography, for which I have created this website to help myself and to all of them – How to do photography?

Visit my Facebook page on right side and also share my work with the interested frenz / family / relatives who might want to learn photography.

I would love to hear valuable feedback from you for my website and work.

Cheers !!
Soubhagya Photography


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